Thursday, September 15, 2011

Moving On To My Ears...

I woke up with my ears plugged up today!! Last time that happened it did not go away for several weeks. So I went back to the doctor. He prescribed steroids!! So first I got a shot that did not hurt one bit and then I also have to take some pills. He said the side effects were that I would get hungry(really?????) and would be a bit hyped up today. I wasn't. Sudafed makes me hyped up -- not steroids. Sudafed is the base ingredient in crank. That's why you can only buy one box at a time and have to be an adult. Seriously.

I sneezed SO MUCH yesterday it was annoying. I may have a bit of allergies as well (first time ever). I tried to get a picture pre-sneeze to show you my pirate look, but I was too slow. But it pretty much looked like this..

Aaaaargh, matey!!

Hope you have a great weekend!!

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That corgi :) said...

Poor you! This has really been an icky sickness! Hope everything kicks in soon so you can start feeling better!