Thursday, September 22, 2011

Naked Wall Gets Gussied Up

I think that is one of my best titles of all time!

So, I had a wall in my bedroom with absolutley NOTHING on it.

The bed is usually not naked as well.

We have looked for a headboard, but are very picky. I would like a functional one (with shelves) or something padded. TJ just wants something simple. So I knew the wall needed something NOW.

I got the idea from Pinterest. Partly. I got the beginning of the idea from this

So that is where this part came in

I originally planned on sewing on letters, but then got the idea for the buttons on Pinterest, somewhere.

I also wanted to add some other media so my second thought was a banner.

I had the 3 words I wanted to use so for the last one I wanted another type of media. I chose painting.

This was actually the first thing I made, followed by the banner and then the love.

The final result...

I realize it is a little off

With the bed...

And now I am going to pin this to Pinterest :)


Carrie said...

What a cute idea! And I imagine it's cost efficient as well. :)

That corgi :) said...

I like it; looks great!!