Friday, September 30, 2011

No Answers

I got my test results back today. I am not pregnant (big surprise). I do not have a UTI.

However, I was told I need to drink more liquids because my urine was very concentrated. Um, ok. Last time I was told I was dehydrated(and I assume this is what they meant this time) I ended up having my appendix out a week later. So I am wondering what is REALLY wrong. If I am still hurting next week I will be going back.

One of my friends suggested PCOS. I did not ask about that. I also asked another friend who had it if she would get bad cramps and she said no. I guess I should look it up. Someone else suggested endometriosis. I have thought of that, too, BUT this is the first time I have ever had this issue with my period. It almost feels like what was going on when I ended up having appendicitis. Maybe there was something else going on and they just happened to catch the appendicitis!

In other news, I almost died in my storage shed this evening. Okay, maybe that is exaggerrating, but my barrel rocking horse nearly fell on me. Last weekend a radio almost fell on me. On the bright sode, we were able to reorganize some stuff and get the Halloween tubs out. We need to go in again soon to make all of the holiday tubs more accessible and maybe make some room for the bike to be stored this winter :) We would have done more, but of course out of 40+ units the people with the one NEXT to ours had to get their stuff out, too and needed us to move our truck.

I was supposed to go to Topeka with a friend tomorrow, but because I am still getting bad pain(I made it through work, but barely) and a little nausea I am afraid to make that car ride. I am going to try getting the Halloween stuff out and make some crafts and clean the bathroom instead.

It is TJ's first Reserves or Drill weekend :) I am happy for him, but a little sad he will be gone a night. This is the first time in this apartment. Obviously I have been through WORSE, but with being sick and all I feel sorry for myself LOL. I may just go ahead and have a mini pity party for myself. Scout will come. How pathetic am I???

It is also LDS General Conference. For the first time ever I can watch it from the comfort of my livingroom because I have BYUTV

What is everyone else doing this weekend?


Tracie said...

I think you should ask about the PCOS, some people with PCOS do not have the cysts part that cause the cramping (like me), or sometimes the cysts are so small they don't feel them, but sometimes with PCOS the cysts are large and can actually rupture and cause a whole new set of probs! I hope that they figure out what is wrong soon :(

That corgi :) said...

Do stay on top of it Robyn and if it doesn't get better, do go back in. Lots of things are running through my head but I'll let the doctors try to figure this out. It does always seem to be this way doesn't it; figures it would be the weekend TJ is gone that you are under the weather, etc.

Do be careful in that storage unit!! Seems very hazardous indeed!