Thursday, September 29, 2011

Official Diagnosis

Well, it is official...I am NOT normal LOL

This was confirmed by a medical doctor. Good ole Dr.H. The one who found an inflamed appendix on an x-ray looking for a kidney stone back in July! He told me today that I am one of the most unusual patients he has ever had.

I went to see him because I have had cramps for 3 days. THREE! They were very bad Tuesday night. Wednesday morning they were manageable, but towards the end of school they were rough and then just never got better. I had to stay home from work and made a doctor's appointment. I had tried taking 800mg ibruprofen and percoset, but they did not really work. I have also had some nausea.

The doctor could not really figure out what the problem was, but he ordered a urine test to see if it was UTI and a blood test to see if I was pregnant.

Yes, I have my period and the doctor still ordered a pregnancy test. Because with my body you never know LOL. I highly doubt that is it(it would only explain the nausea). Personally, I think it may be a UTI, but the symptoms are masked by the cramps.

So now I am waiting on the results of the tests. I am not holding my breath on the pregnancy one LOL I am also giving Percoset another shot(he prescribed it) and so far it is working.

Anyone have any suggestions for pain management?


Kim said...

Did you mention my suggestion?

That corgi :) said...

Sorry you've been in so much pain! I don't miss cramps at all, but of course that doesn't help you. I used to take so much ibuprofen, almost hourly or aspirin so much it made my ears ring. I wonder if you might have endometriosis, not that I'm a medical doctor but that was one of the things that ran through when I had such bad cramps to the point of missing work, not sleeping at night, throwing up, etc.

hope you feel better soon and get an answer to your pain!