Saturday, September 24, 2011

Rotten Apples

I went to Fall Apple Days on Fort Riley today. I have gone every year since I moved to Kansas. I will not be going anymore.

The first 2 times I went were really nice, but each year after that it has gotten progressively worse.

The first problem is that they moved it. It used to be on the big Cavalry Parade Field with the big parking lot near it. It was also where th museums are and the Custer House which is where they would sell the Apple Pies that the Historical Society makes so it all tied in together. Then they decided they needed to replace the grass on that field and moved it to Artillery Parade field which is actually 2 fields with a road between them and parking not close. This was fine for one year, but then they decided they needed to protect that precious new grass and will not move it back now. At the same time they have tried to expand the festival and it is just a big old mess.

For the past couple years TJ has been riding out to Topeka to escort the HD Factory workers from KC back to the festival. I went with last year and this solved parking for us(they get parking on the road that splits the fields as part of a rally!!). This year I met the at the Harley Shop and road up with them. However, first of all they made us park in the wrong place. That was annoying.

The food tent was overcrowded. I bought a candy apple because that was the only place that had no wait.

I went through the expo tent to get some free tents because that is a highlight for me.

Then we went to get a pie. I have a history with the pies. I have helped make the pies before. I have sold the pies before. It has always ran smoothly. Today.....not so much. First we stood in a line to just buy the pie. Then we stood in another line to actually get our pie. That was ridiculous.

Having PMS today did not help either.

I have decided that this was my last Apple Days until they can get their act together and better organize it. And move it back to Cavalry Parade Field.

At least the weather was cooler for a change.

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That corgi :) said...

I wonder if they got a new committee or chairman and that's why all the changes to something that seemed like a good event in the beginning! That would be frustrating to have to wait in separate lines to get the pies, seems like not good organization on their part!