Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Solving A Mystery

There is something from my childhood that has long intrigued, fascinated, and plain old freaked me out and that is what was the deal with the third floor of Bullocks Department store in La habra, CA?????

If you have read an old post of mine on theBullocks Escalator Story(or you are my friend, Kim) you will know what I am talking about. If not I will briefly explain. There was a department store in California years ago called Bullocks. The closest one was in the next town over from us, La Habra. It was a 3 story building, but they did not use the 3rd floor in my recollection. What they did do was turn off the lights up there and block the non running escalator so all you would see was a dark ominous stairway to nothing. Why they did not seal up the shaft until YEARS later is beyond me. I ended up not being able to even visit the 2nd floor of Bullocks because that escalator shaft to outer darkness freaked me out too much.

So, anyway, awhile ago I joined a Facebook group called You Knew You Grew Up in La Habra..... I should note that I never at anytime actually lived in La Habra (close, though), I actually do not like La Habra, but I did go to high school there. I joined anyway. I enjoy hearing other people's mamories of places there(it wasn't all bad).

Last night I posted a question to the group. I asked if anyone knew if they ever used that 3rd floor of Bullocks, what for, and when did they close it up?

These are questions that have been swirling around in the corners of my mind since I was a kid. I was giddy with excitement to finally find out the answers to one of the greatest mysteries of my life.

This is what people have told me. It was indeed used and it had furniture, electronics and housewares. (I remember housewares on the 2nd floor, but ok). Someone thought that with the advent of specialty stores in furniture and electronics they could not compete and discontinued that part of their merchandise. I do remember a furniture store in the same shoppng center(I think it is where we got our livingroom furniture for our new house in 1978!!) so that would make a lot of sense. And with not needing that space and not having enough of other merchandise to fill up the floor they just closed it up (except for the scary escalator). Other people thought they may have had a fur shop up there(someone else said that was 1st floor), a modeling school/program and electrolosis.

It was closed sometime after 1973(someone said to was still open then when he transferred to the distribution center at that time).

You do not know what it means to me to finally have these questions answered!!!! Not that I have wasted any sleep over them or anything.

I am still waiting on an answer as to why they did not seal up the escalator shaft.

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That corgi :) said...

Interesting! I wonder if they didn't seal it up because it would be too expensive? I do remember Bullock's stores though; not in La Habra but in the San Diego area where I grew up.