Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Summer Cooking -- Coleslaw

This will be my last Summer Cooking post as summer is over this week LOL. I will be resuming Sunday cooking as I need the extra time during the week to start working out again :) Recipes will continue to come from my internet files, but in October I will be discontinuing salads and introducing soups. I will start introducing recipes from my Soup Cookbook I got from school then :)

But for one last recipe of summer I have Healthy BlueCheese Coleslaw from Bethenny Frankel. I have already made this twice!!

I used Veganaisse instead of mayo and a little more shredded slaw. And rice vinegar.

Incredibly easy and it tastes AMAZING. Definitely a go-to recipe :)

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That corgi :) said...

that does look good! I've never made coleslaw but will have to try this. Looking forward to your soup recipes; always enjoy a good soup on a cool day (yeah, I know, I live in Southern California, but it does get cool here sometimes :)