Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Thirty-Six and a Cold

I knew I was getting a cold from all the sneezing I was doing last week and the sore and achy throat on Sunday, but I did not expect to wake up Monday morning with a debilitating cough. I called in sick and got a doctor's appointment. Turned out I had mild bronchitis. The doctor put me on a 5 day Z-pack, some kind of pearls for coughing(that you cannot crush or chew because they will make yur mouth numb -- yikes!) and guafenisssen tablets for coughing(soooo much better than the liquid). When I got home I took everything, which included the 2 tablets to start the z-Pack. Since it had an Erythramycin base (and which I am allergic to in a full dose) it made me a bit nauseous, but I did not throw up. I ended up sleeping the whole day. I also had chills. I got up at 7pm and had developed a 101 fever. Plus a killer headache so I took Exedrin. It took a few hours to break.

I had planned going back to work on Tuesday, but after the fever I wanted to wait 24 hours. Plus I was feeling quite run down. I did not sleep during the day, but stayed in bed reading and watching TV. While watching a lie detector/paternity test episode of Maury (the Results are in!!) I realized I really needed to get back to work the next day :) I knew that I could take the cough medicines okay(although the pearls say can cause dizziness and drowsiness--they don't!), but should hold off until after work on the Z-pack because it does make me a bit queasy. Nurse Scout showed me the proper way to rest

Before disappearing for a few hours for a private nap. He missed the birds outside my window!!

TJ got me Quiznos so I could have Broccoli Cheese Soup(which Scout finished off)

and Chicken Noodle(which Scout would not touch LOL) The fever never came back :)

So I went to work today. I was a bit tired and struggled with a stuffy nose and sneezing, but otherwise I was good. My 5th graders had a field trip so I spent time with my supervisor making laminated numbers for her :) It really helped to be able to sit and be productive :) When the 5th graders came back I gave them mini cupcakes and the teacher and they all sang the special birthday song to me because, yes, today is my birthday!!!

(pictures from Saturday. My friend, Amanda, got me the ballons and made cupcakes :))

I am 36 years old today. On the backside of my 30s LOL. I am going to hate next year when I am 37 because I HATE prime numbers LOL. I am celebrating my birthday with a pedicure tomorrow and then probably dinner out this weekend :)

And I am going to work the rest of the week!


Tracie said...

Happy Birthday!

Robyn :) said...

thank you :)

That corgi :) said...

Happy Birthday! That was neat how you celebrated it at school with the mini cupcakes; cute balloon too! I hope you had a good day and a wonderful year ahead!!

Sorry you got sick; sounded like a nasty bug with that bronchitis! If I remember correctly, those pills can be quite huge? I'm not good at taking huge pills, LOL, but I do know they are good for controlling coughing, etc.

Hope you feel better soon and enjoy your birthday pedicure and dinner out!


Robyn :) said...

The z pack pills are a little big, but the others are small :) and highly effective!!