Friday, September 16, 2011

Weekend Plans

These are my plans for the weekend....

1. SLEEP IN SATURDAY. Late. Like to 11am because.....

2. Watch The Pioneer Woman's Cooking show on Food Network (I am too lazy to link that right now)

3. Clean up my livingroom. It has gotten out of control!! My other rooms were neglected this week as well, but not as bad as the poor livingroom :( It needs to be cleaned up, straightened up, dusted, vacuumed and organized. (The bills can wait until Monday)


5. Maybe work on a mural for my bathroom using my Cricut machine.

6. Maybe work on some sewing projects.

7. Maybe go to the grocery store

8. Maybe make some meals for the week

9. Go to church. All 3 hours if TJ's back can take it.

10. Snuggle and play with this little dude(since he was such a good nurse while I was home sick!)

My cold is getting better. The steroid shot and presnydone really helped with my ears and they are unplugging nicely. Hopefully my stuffy nose goes away by tomorrow because I cannot take the nasal spray anymore. I also discovered that simultaneously taking Dayquil or Nightquil really helps a lot MORE. Today is my last day on the Z-Pack and my cough is getting better. The main problem I have now with that is getting throat tickles. Annoyiiiiiiinnnngggg.

After work today I went to Manhattan by the long and scenic way to avoid traffic. I had to pick up a book on hold at the library. I decided that if there were parking spaces in front of Jimmy Johns I would get TJ and I sandwiches for dinner. There were spaces. i also went to Hyvee to get soda and while their I picked up some sushi and then decided we needed some Chinese, too (figured we could save the sandwiches for tomorrow). After that I went to sonic for drinks and then saw that Noodle Company was open. So I stopped there and got a couple small bowls to add to dinner. We are good for the weekend now LOL

What are your weekend plans?


That corgi :) said...

I like your weekend plans especially getting to sleep in to 11 a.m.! I'm sitting here thinking "when was the last time I slept in until 11?" and honestly I couldn't remember; if I sleep in until 6:30 I think that is sleeping in, LOL :)

All the food you stopped to get sounds delicious; seems like you are set for the weekend for that and variety of things to keep yourself busy as well as rest up from being sick; glad to hear you are feeling better!

enjoy the weekend!


Kea said...

You have great weekend plans! If the mom sleeps till 4AM on any day--ANY day!--that's sleeping in. Seriously.

We're spending our weekend snoozing while the mom tries to make inroads on the mess from the house trashing party. :-P

Kea said...

Oops, this was supposed to be from Fuzzy Tales (Nicki and Derry), but we see we're signed in under the mom's account instead. Duh!

Robyn :) said...

I knew who you were when you mentioned house trashing party LOL. Scout says hi and he has been dozing, too!!