Sunday, September 18, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

How did I do??

1. SLEEP IN SATURDAY. Late. Like to 11am because..... .
DONE! Plus another 1 1/2 of lying in bed daydreaming and reading

2. Watch The Pioneer Woman's Cooking show on Food Network (I am too lazy to link that right now) I did not realize this was on 11am EASTERN, which would have made it 10am central so I missed it.

3. Clean up my livingroom. It has gotten out of control!! My other rooms were neglected this week as well, but not as bad as the poor livingroom :( It needs to be cleaned up, straightened up, dusted, vacuumed and organized. (The bills can wait until Monday) I got the end table and middle of couch console cleaned up.


5. Maybe work on a mural for my bathroom using my Cricut machine.

6. Maybe work on some sewing projects.
Maybe not LOL. I am planning on doing more crafts during the week with Miss K.

7. Maybe go to the grocery store Nah

8. Maybe make some meals for the week Yeah, no. Gonna be breaking out some freezer stuff this week.

9. Go to church. All 3 hours if TJ's back can take it. Made it through 1!

10. Snuggle and play with this little dude(since he was such a good nurse while I was home sick!) I got plenty of snuggle time in bed with him, plus we took a walk together -- unleashed!!

Other things I did this weekend were talk to an old friend for over an hour on the phone, took a nice relaxing bath, played on the computer, paid bills and filed, dishes and a load of laundry!! Still planning on tackling my bedroom wall project this evening :)

I also have a new tentative schedule for my weekdays after school. It goes like this...

Cleaning or my own "homework" while Miss K does hers.
Walking or crafts with Miss K. I let her choose what we do.
Gym, or home exercise after Miss K leaves. Or cleaning.
Computer time and TV and laundry and any leftover cleaning
Read before bed.

Pretty flexible

Afterschool days will be different.

How did your weekend turn out???


That corgi :) said...

I think all in all you had a good weekend! You go ta bit done off your list!! My weekend was good; actually restful for a change; we went to the later service at church(10:30 instead of 9 a.m.) so I got to sleep in to about 7:15; that felt nice indeed!

enjoy the week ahead


Robyn :) said...

I wish we had a later service!! We used to start at 10 and that was perfect.