Saturday, October 29, 2011

Abilene and Salina 10-29-11

Before attending Stake Conference in the evening (which I will talk about as part of Spiritual Sunday) I took some time to go shopping in Abilene and Salina. First, though, I stopped at The Greyhound Hall of Fame

To visit Jade

And Gary

I also snapped some pictures of the Eisenhower Library and Museum across the street.

He is buried in this building(with his wife and young son) and it is also a place of meditation)

Next I went to my favorite antique stop. I always was on the lookout for Camp Snoopy glasses there and I only found one once. Wouldn't you know that now I have a set I actually found some there???? I did break one, but could not remember which one to try to replace it LOL. I did find, though, a California handkerchief and a Mickey Mouse glass and Disney cup

I wanted the glass and it came with the cup -- $2.00!!!

Next stop was Russell Stover's!

I got TJ a box of Valentine chocolates

And myself an Easter box with bunny and treats for the kiddos at school

After that I headed to Salina on Old 40, which is more fun than the Interestate :) My first stop in town was the mall. I went to JoAnn's(yep, it is right in the mall!) and got a carvable pumpkin on sale, material for a Thanksgiving pillow and a felt snowflake to decorate.

Next I had a slice of pizza and bought a churro. Before I left the mall I had to use the bathroom so I decided to go in Sears to use theirs. I took a detour through pajamas and found a pretty blue nighty and a pink shirt

As I was leaving the mall I ran into people from church :) When I got to my car I realized I had forgotten the skirt I was supposed to bring along to wear for the conference. I could have gone in pants, but would have really felt out of place. I went back downtown to Salvation Army and found a skirt for $3!! It is also a nice warm one for the winter :)

On the way back to where all the chain stores are I passed Kansas Wesleyan University

It is such a pretty campus. One day I want to walk around and explore it.

Back down by the mall I went to the new Big Lots and found the best purchase of the day!!

A curved kitty scratching thing!! For only $12!! I have heard that cats love these and they are very effective. I had planned to get him one for Christmas. I have never seen one under $20 before, though. I couldn't wait until Christmas to give it to him(he has already messed up the carpet around the front door). I was afraid I would have to regularly spray it with catnip to get him to use it, but Scout took right to it. He has used it to scratch and lay on.

The last stop before Conference was Party City. It was not as crowded as I expected 2 days before Halloween. I bought this little guy on sale

After Conference I stopped at Braum's for the best nonfat milk ever!!

And I decided to try their chocolate. Now, normally I also get a Peanut Butter Fudge Sundae, but tonight I just wasn't feeling it. Instead I got a Coke Float, chili, and their awesome crinkle cut fries.

Then I came home :)

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