Friday, October 28, 2011

Devil Kitty On the Loose!!!!

I made a grave error in judgement the other night. My cat was driving me crazy so I put his devil costume on him. He is so cute in it!! He was still for maybe a minute, but then started trying to get out of it.

Then I got the brilliant idea that it would be ok to send him outside without a leash, as long as he had his costume on. I figured he would just hang around trying to get it off.


As soon as I opened the door he took off!! First across the parking lot as usual, then down to the end of the parking lot. That is usually as far as he goes.

Not this time.

Scout decided he would just take off on a little adventure. There is a paved trail that borders the complex and there is tall grass alongside it. Scout thought it would be fun to just trot alongside the grass with me following him. Everytime I got close he would sprint ahead.

He still had his costume on, but the hood had slipped off his head so instead of a devil he looked like a little bandit on the run!!

I finally was able to grab him and carried him all the way back home. He was not very happy with this.

But I think his mission of showing me just how much he hates his costume was accomplished!!

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That corgi :) said...

This was kind of funny to read about it, afterwards, knowing he was safe and sound with you. I'm sure you won't make that mistake again!! Koda's never been fond of any type of clothing on it so I don't even bother trying :)

Glad you were able to finally catch him!

happy weekend