Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hope in a Dream

I have lots of really weird and vivid dreams. Something I have dreamt about a lot since my mom died was her house. They were not good dreams. Usually I was trying to pack it up or I was still living there and trying to move. Once I dreamt there were squatters in the house we could not get out. Another time I dreamt my mom was still staying there and the new owners were allowing her to do so until they were ready to work on it. The time came for her to work on it and she had to move to my cousin's.

The last dream, however, was different. I dreamt that I went to see the changes the new owner was making and I was so very pleased. The house was not sad at all. They had not been able to do the kitchen and dingroom, yet, but everything else seemed to be underway or done. The livingroom looked beautiful as did the family room. They had repainted my Grandma's old room. They had taken out half the wall between my old room and the back room, to make a large room with a partial divider. They had cleaned out the backyard and began landscaping it.

As I went through the house I was crying with joy. They were making the house beautiful again and I was so happy. There was a lot of hope in that.

My friend, Kim, recently drove by the house in real life and she says it looks good. She says they put new wood paneling on the outside(the old had dry rot) and new doors. I am hoping they remember to send pictures to my realtor when they are done or if they list it online there will be pictures.

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That corgi :) said...

Dreams are interesting, aren't they? I know some people take a lot of stock in dream interpretation and I know that God did talk to people in dreams; I never know what to make out of the dreams I have sometimes. But I'm glad to hear that your mom's house was bought by people who are fixing it up and restoring it; I think that is comforting to know!

have a good day!