Monday, October 24, 2011

I'm Gonna Make It......

.... to Minneapolis!! Sometime in the future. I am tentatively planning a trip. With my new obsession I want to see where the Mary Tyler Moore show took place. And I want to go to The Mall of America. I have actually been wanting to go there since it opened!! LOL.

Minneapolis is only an 8 hour drive. Easy peasy. I plan to visit downtown and sites seen in the opening credits of the Mary Tyler Moore Show. Luckily there are websites that will help with such things. I will also stand downtown and toss my hat in the air (how many tourists do you think do that every year?). I will visit the statue of Mary doing just that
(picture from Roadside America).

I hear there is a trolley nearby that takes you to the Mall of America :)

There is also a restaurant shown in the opening credits where Mary is having lunch with a man(it was actually her real life husband). The current restaurant there is Basils and apparently you can call ahead and reserve the "Mary Table". Awesome.

I will also try to walk by the lake and see the apartment house.

At the Mall of America I will walk through the ENTIRE place. I hope they have a Build-A-Bear.

Where would you like to take a trip to?

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That corgi :) said...

That sounds like a fun trip when you are able to take it. And you are right, eight hour drive is nothing! I hear the Mall of America is fantastic; I can't imagine that they wouldn't have a Build a Bear place there!

hope you get to do this soon!