Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Jewish New Year Resolution

I am not Jewish, but since the Jewish New Year was at the end of September I have decided to make a resolution. I did not want to wait until regular New Year, either, for this one LOL.

My resolution is to not buy any more scrapbooking materials (except for albums and banners) until I use up what I have. I have a lot. Plus I have the Cricut machine with a good variety of cartridges so I can use that to enhance my pages :)

I know Jewish people are known for being frugal (which is a very good thing to be)so I think this resolution is very appropriate for Jewish New Year.

Anyone else want to make an early resolution?

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That corgi :) said...

That is a good resolution!! I made a resolution, though I didn't say it as a resolution, for weight loss. In a week it will be 12 weeks since I did this challenge (I'm going to blog about it next week); haven't weighed myself but I know I'm down a few pounds and almost into a lower pant size.

being frugal is a good thing to be!! especially this day and age!