Saturday, October 8, 2011

Lazy Saturday and a Startling Revelation

I slept in until 1. Scout was thrilled as he was sleeping in the bed with me!! I think he would like me to go take a nap now LOL.

So, for the past 3 hours I have been up(it feels like more) I have just been sitting on the couch watching TV and catching up on blogs. It looks like this has shaped up to be a very LAZY day LOL. I am fixing to switch around some furniture as well, but just how much remains to be seen. Definitely going to remove the credenza from the livingroom and put in the TV stand. The rest will eventually follow.

Now for the revelation...

Upon much (a few minutes) soul searching and realization of the hours I put in and how I will always stop on the station that is showing it, I have had the epiphany that my favorite movie of all time is now Dirty Dancing.

Yes, after years of Serendipity (which I saw 6 times in the theater) holding that coveted spot, Dirty Dancing is now on top. I watch it ALL THE TIME, quote it incessantly on Facebook and can sing all the songs. I absolutely love it and it is now my favorite.

I also watched a little of Father of the Bride 2 earlier. I LOVE the scene after they leave the doctor's office and are driving down the beautiful tree lined street past quaint little shops and eateries. If you pay close attention you will realize that they pass a few of the places more than once, although going in the opposite direction. Yes, I am a geek who notices little things like that. My acute attention to detail to is nothing short of amazing.

Of course, it also helps that that scene was filmed in my hometown of Whittier, CA on Greenleaf Ave in the heart of Uptown Whittier and a girlfriend and I were having dinner on the patio of Dattilo's italian restaurant during the filming. We also watched the movie at the theater in Uptown. When that scene came on everyone in the theater cheered. It was a very unique movie viewing experience :)

So, anyway, that is how my weekend is going. How about yours?


That corgi :) said...

Seems like you are having a good relaxing weekend. I'm sure you will be shocked when I say this, but I've never seen Dirty Dancing (I know, surprising, right?)

Weekend is going good here :)

enjoy tomorrow!


Robyn :) said...

Slightly shocking, yes LOL. If you have cable and ABCFamily you can catch it often :)