Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Life Well Lived

Recently I came across this on Pinterest and it got me to thinking of my life.

I believe that in 36 years I have lived a very full and exciting life.

I had a unique bringing with my parents being older and my dad being a stay at home dad and my grandma living with us.

I have been able to travel extensively (which includes visiting the most exciting cities in the US) with family, friends and even by myself.

I have been to 37 states.

I have loved fully and had my heart broken.

I have conquered some fears and found peace and even enjoyment(upside down roller coasters) as a result.

I have picked up and moved and started a new life not once, BUT twice.

I have met celebrities.

I have attended TV tapings and seen movies being filmed.

I have experienced earthquakes, hurricanes, and tornadoes.

I have discovered the joy and magic of snow.

I learned the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I have been able toexperience firsthand the magic and beauty of leaves changing color in the Fall.

Been on TV and in the newspaper.

I have lived on my own.

Had surgery and stayed in the hospital.

I have made a difference in someone's life.

I have the cat I have always wanted.

I have achieved many goals and lived some of my dreams.

There are still some things on my "bucket list" (it's in my head, not written down) I would like to do....

Have a baby

Visit all 50 states


Take a train trip

Take a bus trip(we have a Greyhound stop right down the road!!)

Own or at least drive a Mustang

Visit Greece and Italy (Paris would be nice, too)

Visit the Grand Canyon(I have seen it from a plane)

There are more, I am sure, but I cannot think of any other right now LOL

I am very satisfied with how my life has turned out and what I have been able to do.

How about you? What do you still want to do?


That corgi :) said...

I think that is neat that you are satisfied with how your life has turned out! You have done quite a bit and experienced quite a bit! I hope you get to do the rest of your bucket list; those are some pretty impressive things to want to accomplish/do!

I am not really sure if I am satisfied with how my life has turned out, but I have about 20 years on you (53 years old). I have regrets and I have made some bad choices, etc.

It will be interesting for you to revisit this post 20 years from now and also revisit it if you do have a child........

Lots of people kayak here!!!

there is a train that you can get on board at Williams, Arizona that takes youto the Grand Canyon. It is a 2-hour trip. You could accomplish two things on your list by doing that :)


Robyn :) said...

That train trip sounds like fun :) I have driven through Williams a couple of times to and from California.

Technically I have been kayaking once. It was at Milford Lake, but only for a few minutes to see what it was like. I stayed close to shore. I would like to go out longer and also try it in the ocean :)