Monday, October 17, 2011

Mancat Monday with Nap Master Scout

Friends, you would not what I have been able to accomplish this weekend in my mommy's cat training. I am truly a master of I do say so myself.
On Saturday Mommy woke up fairly early. Like between 8 and 9. As a cat in training this would just not do. I immediately joined her on the bed to assess the situation. I could see that she was still tired and not yet ready to get up. She wanted to read a bit before getting up as well. I lied down next to her and calmly influenced her to close her eyes and get a little more rest before getting up. I set the example and was patient. It worked because she went back to sleep and slept past noon!! I was very proud.

On Sundays Mommy gets up early for church. That is okay, but I expect her to take a loooong nap later. She informed me that that would not be possible yesterday as she had stuff to do. I had to think of how to change that. After spending some time outside in meditation I took it upon myself to set an example again. I went to a secret spot and took my own nap. Of course it worked!! Mommy began to feel tired and decided to take a "short" nap. After awhile I joined her and guess what? She slept for 4 hours!! I truly am a master.

The other thing I wanted to address today was those embarrasing photos mommy put up the other day of me in that horrible contraption known as a devil costume.
I HATE that thing! Mommy says I look cute and insists I wear it every year, but dear friends, tell me, do I look happy in this thing?

And that isn't the worst of it! After taking the pictures Mommy took me outside and over to Merle's house to show him and his mom and dad. I was so embarrassed!! And she was rude because she interrupted their dinner! Just to show them my supid costume. Of course they thought I was cute because, well, I am, but I was still very embarrassed. I am thinking about taking the costume and hiding it.

I hope everyone has a very good week.

Love, Scout


Fuzzy Tales said...

OMC, you WANT your mom to sleep???!!!

We get her up by 4AM every day, even weekends! We certainly don't let her sleep -- Derry will lie on her face or stick a claw up her nose and Nicki will play THoE all through the house...We just can't believe you *encourage* her to sleep. (The mom's so jealous. LOL.)

As for that costume--it's your innate right as a Cat to put the bitey on your mom for that!

Robyn :) said...

I DO wake her up in the middle of the night AND at 4am, by messing with stuff on her nightstand. Drives her nuts!! LOL I will have to explain that next week LOL