Monday, October 17, 2011

Missionaries and a Pasta Boat Mishap

We had the missionaries over for dinner tonight. It has been a long time and the first time in this apartment.

I decided to make spaghetti and homemade sauce. I had some freeze dried mushrooms that I decided to try and they were great. I saute'd them with garlic and spices. I added them to plain tomato sauce. Then I got the pasta ready. I put the pasta in the pasta boat. I got distracted. I came back and put the pasta boat in the microwave. I sat down to rest while it was cooking. It started to smell like smoke in the apartment. I was not sure why as the sauce on the stove seemed okay. TJ mentioned that it smelled like something was burning. I glanced at the microwave thinking it surely could not be the pasta. Then I noticed it looked brown. I immediately opened the door and realized my mistake.

I NEVER PUT WATER IN THE BOAT!!!!!!! The pasta was burnt and the boat was ruined. It melted. Our poor apartment was filled with smoke. Would you believe, thoughm that the smoke alarm did not go off?? I make stuff in the oven that is not even burning and it goes off, but I actually burn something and nothing!

So then I had to make the pasta(I have backups) in a pot. So I put the pot on the burner and it turns out something had spilled under the burner so it starts smoking and then catches flame!! More smoke, but still no smoke alarm. I got that under control and the rest of the cooking went smoothly.

We really enjoyed having the missionaries over. They shared a spiritual thought and told us they were excited to work with us as ward missionaries. They also asked if we would pray for a couple of people. This may seem like a little thing, but for us it was huge.

TJ and I are really bad at praying together. Once in awhile we will remember, after we are in bed. We never take the time to get on our knees and really pray. Being asked to pray for other people will definitely help us to take time out to have family prayer. At least in the evening. Then we can work towards morning prayer as well. God truly knows our needs and how to help us with them.

Scout was very well behaved this evening. He only jumped on a lap once LOL. He has been a little love all afternoon. I came home feeling blah and lied down for 10 minutes. Scout joined me and he have me head butts and purrs and snuggles. I immediately felt better.

How is your Monday going?


Kim said...

I'm sorry, but I'm LAUGHING MY BUTT OFF about the pasta boat. It must have smelled awful too!

That corgi :) said...

I'm thinking a new battery needed for the smoke alarm? Or call maintenance? I'm thinking it should have gone off with those mishaps! Glad all in all the evening was not wasted and you enjoyed the time with the missionaries.


Robyn :) said...

It smeeled like burning pasta!! LOL And I think the smoke went to opposite way of the smoke alarm. It is down the hall and it went in the dining and livingroom.