Monday, October 10, 2011

An Ode To Dirty Dancing

Since I have decided Dirty Dancing is my favorite movie I thought I would share some of my experiences with watching the movie plus my thoughts on a remake and Serendipity's last stand.

Ok, so the first time I ever saw Dirty Dancing was at my friend, Heather's, house. It was (and I believe still is) her favorite movie. I liked it. Eventually they started showing it on TV and my dad taped it. I would watch it very sporadically. I would mostly catch it if it came on TV.

Then, one year, Universal Citywalk showed it as part of their outdoor movie series. That was a blast! I went with my best friend. Imagine the reaction to when Neil tells Baby he loves watching her hair blow in the wind and telling Johnny he should do the final dance to the Pechanga! Everyone cheered when Baby's mom told Baby's dad to sit down. We all sang along to the songs. It was so much fun.

At some point I bought the movie on DVD. One time I was watching it and a friend came over for a little while. I paused it as Johhny was on the porch of the cabin, going to talk to Baby's father before he left. When my friend left my mom said "that poor guy has been standing on that porch for awhile now" LOL!!

I did not get to watch the 20th anniversary theatre releases, but maybe they will do the same for the 25th and I will make an effort. I am not happy about the prospect of a remake. Jennifer Grey says she would be fine with it, which is great, but personally I cannot imagine it ever being as good as the original or even passable. As it is, I refuse to spend money to see the new Footloose. Some movies just need to be left alone.

Believe it or not, my former favorite movie, Serendipity, was on this morning. What are the odds it would be on on my day off, just 2 days after I decided it was no longer my favorite? I watched it and am happy to report it is still up there at #2 LOL.

What is your favorite movie and your favorite memory of seeing it?

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