Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pie + Dance = Awesome!!!

By the grace of God our church ward decided that we needed an adult activity. We have had adult activities before (not very often, though), but this was the first time TJ and I attended. And by adult activities I mean something fun that was for the adults only.

Anyway, one of the members offered up his barn for a dance. This by itself was a very awesome idea, but some brilliant person decided to take it a step further and have everyone bring PIE. Oh my goodness, pie and dancing -- 2 of my favorite things!! I was very happy to attend this.

It was not very long. Just 2 1/2 hours (I think because people did not want to leave their kids too long and we have church in the morning). The music was pretty good and we played games, too. I could have done without the games, but it was okay. It was nice to see people from church in a more relaxed environment.

They also had a member taking pictures and said that of anyone wanted a picture on the haystacks that were decorated with pumpkins and sunflowers with their spouse or best friend they would email us the pictures. My husband says, get this, "but my wife is my best friend!" Can you believe that?? He never says anything like that :) It is probably one of the sweetest things he has ever said! We did have a picture taken and when I get it I will post it here.

The pies were very good!

They also had cats, one who was brave enough to come in and get some attention! I petted both of them outside. I picked one up and it was so light!! Unlike my big boy.

It was a very fun evening and I hope we have more activities like this.

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That corgi :) said...

That sounds like a fun evening!! Sweet comment too your husband said; bet the picture did come out looking so cute!