Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sleep, Cops and Earthquakes

And how was your day????

I slept most of mine away. I did manage to turn on General Conference this morning, but I listened to it from my room and fell asleep. I got up about 1:30, but then went back to bed an hour later and slept until 7. I guess I needed it.

I ordered pizza for a late dinner. While sitting in my livingroom I heard voices outside. No big deal as people stand out there and talk. The pizza guy came and went. I ate my pizza. Then I went over to the door to see who was out there talking.

Imagine my surprise when I saw 2 cop cars in the lot and cops talking to a guy sitting under my spareroom window!!!!!! I think he was drunk. He didn't try to break in to my apartment, BUT I think he knows the people next door and tried to break into theirs OR was angry and broke their bedroom window because they were working on it a little while ago. I wanted to ask if they were okay, BUT I didn't want to sound nosy. Plus, TJ is at Drill and I am a little uneasy getting involved when I am home alone.

I blame the pain medication on being so oblivious to the cops, though LOL.

24 years ago today was the Whittier Narrows Earthquake. I was 12 years old and getting ready for school when I heard the roof shaking. Except I thought cats were running circles above my room and that FREAKED me out. I ran to my dad's den and yelled "what's going on?" and he pushed me into the doorway and then I knew. That earthquake scared me so bad that I have been traumatized ever since. I never got used to them. We also lost power until the next day and that freaked me out, too. For a long time I could not stand power failures. I associated them with fear and anxiety and something bad happening. I also think that it lent to the terror I felt about earthquakes. TV was and is very comforting to me and I couldn't watch it so it just made everything seem worse.

So that was my day. I plan to be up tonight. I have some crafts set up in the diningroom and a good book to read. This is the first night in this apartment without TJ :( Even though it is just one night it is still the hardest. You get used to your husband being home everynight really quick!! This will be a monthly thing, though, and he also may have to go to some schools for months at a time. All stuff I can handle. But for tonight I am just going to stay up and have a pity party hahaha. More like a "I slept all day, kinda sad hubby is gone, but I like to stay up once in awhile" party. It has been a really long time since I have stayed up really late or even all night. I kinda miss it. It's fun to be up when most people are sleeping. I don't know why.

Who else is a night owl???

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