Sunday, October 23, 2011

Spiritual Sunday -- Crafts, Honesty and Signs

Yesterday our church had Super Saturday. We do it once a year. It is a craft day. It also a chance for the women of the ward to come together and meet new people. I met 3 new-to-me people :) This si the second one I have attended. The first was 5 years ago, the day after TJ deployed. This one was considerably more joyous for me :) They discontinued doing them for a few years because someone higher up in the church decided they were not needed, but thankfully someone else changed their mind and saw it for the enriching experience it is. They reinstated it last year, but I had to be in California to go to court so I missed it. I never went when they had it at my Florida Ward, but have no idea why. Maybe I was always working those Saturdays. In addition to chatting with a new friend I also made a beautiful rag wreath for Christmas and an interesting decorated can (I will post pictures soon).

I missed Sacrament Meeting today at church. It was the Primary Program. I heard it was pretty good. Usually it is and highly entertaining. Unfortunately, I was quite tired this morning and had a bad headache. So TJ went ahead of me and I showed up for Gospel Principles and Relief Society.

In Gospel Principles the lesson was on Honesty. It was supposed to be Charity, but Brother Wheatley assigned that lesson to me and told me I would be teaching it on November 6th. So instead of moving it up he just switched it with Honesty. It was about not only telling the truth, but also being honest with ourselves and with God. In Relief Society the lesson was on signs of the Second Coming of Christ. Some of the more dire signs are war, rumors of war, pestilence, famine, earthquakes, storms, etc. The more positive signs are the Restoration of the Gospel and it being taught in different countries and languages, coming forth of the Book of Mormon, and temples, etc. I am definitely not prepared yet, but I am trying.

Next week is Stake Conference. the week after that is Fast sunday and then we are having Visitor Sunday. We are encouraged to invite friends and there will be a Christ Centered message that day. If anyone local would like to come, let me know. It is on November 13th at 9am.

In other spiritual news, I received a letter recently from the pastor of the Presbyterian church in town. It said that my name had been submitted as someone who may be new in town and looking for a church. Um, I have been here for 5 years, but thanks! I also work with the pastor's wife! I did appreciate the invitation to their church, though. Something I really liked was that first it said that if I already have a home church or faith that he encouraged me to seek that out and be active. If not they invited me to their church.

I have been to their church before. Twice. Once for a funeral and once for Easter. I went on Easter because our church had General Conference that weekend and I wanted to go to an actual Easter service. It was very nice and I love hearing Pastor Glasgow speak. If I was not LDS I would probably go there. The funeral I attended was for my friend and coworker, Nancy, who died 2 years ago. I nomally do not attend funerals because I cannot the sadness, but I was struggling a lot to come to terms with her death. I could not understand why God would take someone who did so much for others and was still so greatly needed. I felt very compelled to go to the funeral. Pastor Glasgow's eulogy really helped me to feel at peace and have understanding. I believe this also helped prepare me for when my own mom died a month later. I was very distraught, but I think it would have been a lot worse had I not received that peace. I plan to write Pastor Glasgow a letter telling him that.

How has your Sunday been? Did you go to church?

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That corgi :) said...

That rag wreath sounds interesting! Would love to see a picture of it! Craft day sounds like a great outreach to help people get to know others and spendtme making fun things!

My Sunday is nice and restful; something I definitely need! Yep, we didgo to church this morning :)

enjoy the week ahead!