Sunday, October 16, 2011

Spiritual Sunday -- Wanting To Go

For the first time in a very long time I was looking forward to going to church this morning, not just feeling like it was an obligation. And I wanted to be there for all 3 hours and we were.

The talks in Sacrament Meeting were about Pride. The lesson in Relief Society last week was also pride. I guess it is something we really need to be aware of LOL.

In Gospel Principles the lesson was on the Word of Wisdom. It is pretty well known that Mormons to do not drink coffee or tea or alcohol and do not smoke cigarrettes. Do you know why? Because all of these things are harmful to our bodies. It is from revelation from God that we do not partake of these things. Back in 1833 Joseph Smith inquired of the Lord about the use of tobacco, after his wife expressed concern about cleaning it up from the floor after meetings. The revelation was that it was bad for you and should not be used, along with strong drink(alcohol) and hot drinks (coffee and tea). It is interesting to think that over 100 years later studies started coming out about the ill effects of tobacco like that it causes cancer. God really knew what he was talking about when he gave that revelation!! The word of wisdom does not only tell you what you should not have it also gives guidelines for what you should take into your body to help it be healthy and strong like fruits and vegetables.

In Relief Society the lesson was on The Gathering of Israel. I really liked this lesson because it gave history on what happened to Israel and how it was split and who went where and how we fit in today. I never really understood it before, but now I do.

Tomorrow we are having the missionaries for dinner. The members take turns feeding the missionaries every day, primarily dinner. We have not had them for awhile and not in this house. So, I am very much looking forward to having them :)

What have you learned recently at church that has really made an impression on you?

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