Saturday, October 29, 2011

Trunk Or Treat With a Twist

Things I learned last night --

1. It is very easy to be mistaken for a pumpkin when you are actually dressed as a FABULOUS Carrot, when your husband with bunny ears is not with you (and your headband is actually a pumpkin top, not a carrot top)

2. Motorcycles are not very common at Mormon Trunk or Treats.

I will start by showing you my FABULOUS Carrot costume. The boa is what distinguishes it from just a plain old carrot costume

TJ was going to be late so I brought a date until he got there

By the time TJ got there we were finishing up dinner so no one really got to see us as a FABULOUS Carrot and Bunny

It was then time for Trunk or Treat

Bishop said that this was the first time he ever saw a motorcycle at Trunk or Treat

Kids and parents alike were VERY surprised to see a FABULOUS Carrot/Pumpkin handing candy out from the seat of a motorcycle

We ran out of candy and then walked around to see the other trunks. Bishop had this display of Stripling Warriors(a story in the Book of Mormon)

Then some random kid(I swear, I have no idea whose he was) wanted me to take a picture of him, which I did, because he was a ham. I will not be posting his picture as I have no idea who he was.

It was a very fun night. Next year I think I am going to go as Hello Kitty and have a Hello Kitty pumpkin.

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That corgi :) said...

You rock Robyn!! WTG to you and your hubby for participating in this! I have got to say, I've been involved in a few Trunk or Treats and never saw a motorcyle either! (maybe because it was in Montana at the time and one year it was 18 degrees out when we were trunk or treating!)

Love your/TJ's costumes and loved you helped with such a fun thing!!