Wednesday, October 5, 2011

TV Talk

Last night was an awesome TV extravaganza!! I thought I would share some thoughts.

First, upon coming home, I discovered ABCFamily was showing Dirty Dancing. I absolutely love that movie. It is in my top 3. Is there anyone more sexy than Patrick Swayze?

I also found that Hallmark was showing the killer clown mime episode of Little House on the Prairie. If you have seen it you know the one I am talking about. It is actually my favorite episode because it is sooooo melodramatic. I'm weird like that. My favorite episode of Dr. Quinn is when Ingrid gets bit by Pup and contracts rabies. I am sucker for those sad episodes. But I digress.

I have recently discovered an awesome channel called FamNet. I discovered them because they show Remington Steele, an all time favorite. Also part of their evening line up is Mr. Belvedere, Mary Tyler Moore, Bob Newhart and Newhart. I used to watch reruns of Mary tyler Moore when I was a kid. I think she has the most awesome studio apartment on TV. I love the bookshelves built into the raised loft floor and the window to her kitchen that closes :) However, the best apartment on TV ever was Mork and Mindy's. They lived in a converted Victorian house and had an open floor plan and a loft in the attic. Plus pretty stained glass windows in the kitchen :) the best TV home of all time was on Silver Spoons. That house had full-size videogames like Pacman in the livingroom and a TRAIN!!!! That was the coolest.

I also watched Dancing With the Stars Results. How cheesy was it that Chyna Phillips danced to Hold On???? I mean, really? I was very touched by David Arquette's performance and loved Nancy Grace's dress(and Carson Kressley's pink satin jacket!). I think Chaz Bono looks much better as a guy. Just sayin. But wasn't he an adorable little girl??? And Cher will be in the audience next week! How awesome was it that Chubby Checker was on?? He's not very chubby, though, is he? And what about Len Goodman doing the twist??? Quite possbly one of the best episodes of DWTS ever.

What are your favorite TV shows? Current and all time?


That corgi :) said...

It does seem like you "struck gold" last night with TV watching! I like a lot of the old favorites you mentioned. Do you remember "ALF", he was an allien that crashed his spaceship, living with a family, on their planet they ate cats, but he couldn't eat the family cat. It was a cute show. I followed American Idol last year for the first time, I kind of liked that, might do that this year, we'll see.

I have to share the remote with hubby (okay he hogs the remote) so I don't get a lot of choice on what gets watched, but I do like NCIS and the reruns of it.

have a good day!


Chelsea Elizabeth. said...

Haha, I love sad and over dramatic episodes the best too! Haha. I love Glee, New Girl, Supernatural, Veronica Mars and Gossip Girl. :)

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

Robyn :) said...

Of course I remember ALF!! I even had an ALF doll LOL