Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wacky Wednesday

You know it is going to be a strange day when you turn on Good Morning America or the Today Show and the top story is that wild animals are running amok on the streets!! Did anyone else hear this story? They were from a preserve in Ohio and someone opened ALL the enclosures and off they went! School was even cancelled in the area because the animals were attacking. A bunch had to be killed because you can't try tranquilizing them in the dark(it is too dangerous because you are more likely to miss). A bear tried to attack a police officer. They also showed a poor dead lion on the TV. In situations like this, though, human life has to come first. Jack Hanna even said so. It was very sad. Not sure if they have gotten them all, yet, or not.

The rest of the day did not bring anymore crazy news like that, but for someone reason I kept thinking it was Tuesday, not Wednesday. Now, if I was thinking it was Thursday it wouldn't have been so strange because there is no school on Friday(it is a plan day) so today was actrually fake Thursday but for some reason I was feeling it was Tuesday.

I stepped on Scout's tail this morning(he was in the middle of the bedroom floor and it was dark) and left my lunch at home. Luckily TJ was able to bring it to me.

I worked afterschool and got paid to watch Diary of a Wimpy Kid. That was nice!

After I got home I met the person who moved in above me. It is a soldier....a lady soldier!! YES!! So far the only time I really hear her is when she is moving stuff in and arranging it. No loud music or anything. I can totallly deal with that :)

UPDATE: Apparently I spoke too soon. I guess she just didn't have her stereo hooked up because now I can totally hear it and the base and it is driving me nuts.

Scout is trying to eat a cupcake wrapper right now.

I do not want to make dinner or heat anything up. I am sending TJ to get something. Just not sure what :/

How has your day been?


Kim said...

You should've titled the post "Lions, Tigers and Bears, oh my!"

Robyn :) said...

Too predictable LOL