Sunday, November 13, 2011

Black Friday Decisions

The big decision right now -- where to go to first??????

It is down to 3. All open at Midnight

Old Navy --
Pros: They are giving away a free Waterproof Kodak Easy Share camera bundle with the first however-many purchases over $40. That's 3 pairs of their $15 jeans for TJ! Old Navy is in the mall so it would be a warm wait.
Cons: I am have not been able to definitely determine if the camera is actually included in the bundle! And I do not take that many waterproof-needing pictures. Jeans and the other clothes offered there are not a huge priority.

Target --
Pros: $30 alternative down comforter with free duvet over. This is a HUGE priority and the cheapest offering I have seen. The only one with a free duvet over. Also on the opposite end of the road where the other places I want to visit are so a great place to start(as opposed to driving back and forth due to the different times of opening).
Cons: I almost froze to death waiting outside Target last year. Granted, it was in Manhattan, not Topeka and 4am in the morning, not midnight. Not sure if the quality is as good on this comforter and I really do not need a duvet cover at this point, since it will be new.

Pros: $18 Hamilton Beach standing mixer, warm wait insoide as it is open 24 hours, awesome excitement of waiting for the plastic on the palates to be cut by all the employees!!
Cons: Not the biggest priority, I doubt there will be a rush on these, and Sears also has one for just a bit more in case these are gone by the time I get there.

Right now I am leaning toward Walmart for the warmth and excitement. However, Target is a close 2nd. I will probably just save Old Navy for when I do the mall. I got JC Penney's at 4am for the Memory Foam(biggest priority) and also Sears.

There are so many ads out right now I cannot keep everything straight!!! LOL Looking forward to the physical sale bills in just a little over a week!

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That corgi :) said...

For me, I'd go where I would have some heat and comfort while I waited for the stores to open. I'll be looking forward to reading your finds when you go shopping that day (or morning or at the crack of dawn, LOL :)