Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Black Friday Practice

On Saturday I got in some practice for Black Friday by going to a an aggravatingly crowded store and standing in an absurdley long line.

It wasn't a department store or Target or even Walmart(which I heard was just as crazy, though). It was The Commissary.

I guess I should have expected that the Saturday before Thanksgiving, but I didn't. It was worse than payday!!

I managed to get everything on my list. Unfortunately I forgot to add sparkling cider. I remembered while in line and saw the Welch's display. However, I am a sparkling cider snob and prefer Martinelli's.

I have heard that they are now out of turkeys!! Glad I went when I did!

I have also been thinking about what paper to buy for the ads. Normally I get the Daily Union, which comes out on Wednesday, but looking back at a BF post from ast year it seems they did not have the JCPenney ad, which is a big one for me this year. I am also afraid they will not have a Khol's and Old Navy one since those are not around here. The Topeka-Capitol Journal, however, should have them all. I think I will start with the Daily Union and then get the TCJ if needed.

Less than a week now!!

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That corgi :) said...

I think I would take the splurge and buy several different papers to make sure you have the ads you want and that you cover all bases! I would imagine the lines at the commissary are only going to get longer in the next two days!