Friday, November 11, 2011

Computer Casualties and Mom's House

So, my computer is back, but he is not entirely whole. They were not able to save my Favorites for the internet. I was able to recall most of the blogs I read(that I do not follow through Blogger!), plus a couple other websites I visit.

My recipes, however, are GONE. Oh well. Ones I have already used and loved are easy to find agaon because I know where they came from. But there were many more I had not yet tried. I am very sad about that.

In other news, my mom's house is up for resale! That was a very quick flip. My friend, Kim, drove by and took this picture of the outside for me.

I looked it up online and found where it was listed and they had pictures of the inside as well. You can view it HERE

What they did is absolutely amazing!! The house looks so beautiful. I am so glad they were able to restore it and make it look beautiful again.

I will have more blogs soon on the Veteran's Day Parade, the first snow, Thanksgiving preparations and more Black Friday Preparation and Scout will post as well. Luckily my pictures were not wiped out on the computer!!

What have you been up to lately???

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That corgi :) said...

Sorry to hear about your recipes! I've gotten to the point that I have printed out recipes I like and put them in a binder type of notebook for saving.

Your mom'shouse looks great! I have heard of people buying houses, fixing them up and then resaling them.

Looking forward to your posts as you can get to them!

Not much happening here, work, work, work. But we got tons of rain today!