Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween Night 2011

After a fun day at the pumpkin patch followed by Mr. Ryan reading The TellTale Heart and an impromptu popcorn party I came home and hurried to decorate for any potential Trick or Treaters!! We were given things to put on our doors to show we were participating so I wanted the hall decorated (since I would not be sitting out on my porch)

I redid the porch a bit

I put glowsticks in my pumpkin and skeletons

I dressed up as a superhero witch

And of course Miss K and her brother came by before going to their church's Trunk or Treat

That was it. No Trick or Treaters :( It was okay, though, since I got my trick or treating fix at our church's Trunk or Treat on Friday. I took the leftover candy to work and it all disappeared save one Hershey Bar :)

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That corgi :) said...

Oh my gosh, all that work and no trick or treaters! Looked great! Love what you did with Frosty and the mask!! I liked though how they gave you something to put on your door if you were participating in trick/treating; I wondered how it would go in an apartment complex.