Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My First Black Friday and Beyond

Wondering how it all began? I'll tell you!

My first Black Friday experience was with my aunt and uncle when I was in my early twenties. They usually came for Thanksgiving and the night of we were seeing all the ads and decided to go. K-mart was opening at 6am and was giving away a sesame street coloring kit. Since we had a Super K-mart in the next town over that was 24 hours, we got wait inside. After getting that (and possibly a TV) we headed down to Mervyn's(a relative to Target) to get a free Disney Christmas stocking and Target because my aunt and uncle wanted tp get my mom a 2 drawer wooden rolling file cabinet and matching shelf(still have it!).

Now, this next part is hazy. I am not sure if it was the same year or not.

We headed down to South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa. First we passed where I worked and found a Spires to have breakfast at. After SCP we decided to drive almost an hour away to go to Ontario Mills Mall. I remember finding lots of stuff there!! We also ate at the Wilderness Cafe.

We came home, exhausted (we literally had been shopping ALL day), to find we had company!! I hid out in my bedroom LOL

Another year I just went to K-Mart with my mom to get a TV and another time a DVD. I do not remember any other major Black Friday shopping in California prior to moving.

I did not do ANY Black Friday shopping while living in Florida because I always had to work that day. Boo.

My first year in Knasas, though, I spent Thanksgiving in Illinois. I took my 2 cousins and their friend to Sears, Khol's, Bath and Body Works and Michael's. The next year TJ and I visited California and started our drive back home that day.

I resumed the next year in Junction City. I went to Walmart about 3:30 and got a Red Bull. Then I waited outside of Goody's for them to open at 4am. I got some awesome flannel sheets discounted 70%. Then I went back in to Walmart. got some stuff I needed, picked up a copy of Twilight and then parked my cart near the pallet of DVD's. After they opened those at 5am, I went over and picked up a small blue floor cleaner and checked out!! Then I headed over to Manhattan and it started to snow!! I went to Sears and JCPenney's and Hallmark. Then I went home and slept.

The next year I was in California. I started at Old Navy at The Quad at 3am. Then I went to Khol's at Whitwood at 4am. Then Target. Then Sears. Then Cost Plus. Then JCPenneys. Then I headed over to La Habra and went to Bed Bath and Beyond. I intended to go to Walmart but the lines inside were unbelievable. I then headed back to Whittier, stopping at Goodwill, then Burlington Coat Factory, then Old Navy again. I believe this was the first year I employed my sales flyer system.

Last year I was home again. I started at Walmart in JC at Midnight, but did not end up getting anything at that time! I went home, slept, then headed to Manhattan. Froze outside Target at 4am. Went to Walmart for a printer at 5am. JCPenneys or Sears after.

This year I will be doing Topeka, as you know. Starting at Midnight!! I have come a long way from that first time at 6am!!!

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That corgi :) said...

You have probably learned a lot over the years too with what works and what doesn't work! Isn't South Coast Plaza a great shopping center and Ontario Mills is pretty cool too!

I look forward to reading your adventures this year! Like I said before, I won't be out, I'll be working, so it will be neat to hear what you "score"