Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Pre-Black Friday Sales

Target nearly ruined Black Friday for me!!!!! LOL

They decided to have a 4-Day Pre Black Friday sale. They enticed with me with vaccuum cleaner. Not the Dyson Ball vac going on sale Friday morning, but a cheaper one. I decided to check it out.

We ended up finding an even better one!! Only $99 and you got a $10 gift card!! It is also lightweight.

I also found the down alternative comforter I wanted. At the same Black Friday price!! It just does not come with the free duvet cover.

Luckily that was all we found LOL. I still have some other stuff on my list.

I may not be going to Topeka, though. The reason for this is that the phone we want at Best Buy went from being free with a new contract to $50, but is supposed to be free again on Black Friday. TJ is contemplating going with me for this! I could always head out to Topeka afterwards. It really depends on what Kohls, Old Navy and Macy's has to offer.

The ads today will help in determining that. If I ever get them!!! I went to get a Daily Union(because they put their sales ads in on Wednesday as they do not put out a paper on Thanksgiving)and they had not delivered yet!! I went to 4 places!!!! I guess their paper is so stuffed with ads that it is taking longer to assemble and deliver LOL. I hate to have to wait until tomorrow to get the Topeka paper!

I am super excited!!


Kim said...

I call him your warming device for standing in an outside line. I'll wait for Cyber Monday, thank you veddy much.

That corgi :) said...

I have to say, I never knew anyone as excited about Black Friday shopping as you! But I can feel your excitement as I read your posts! It almost (just almost) makes me want to get out there with you! I do hope you get the bargains you are looking for and that you are safe when you are out there! Don't get trampled by anyone!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and TJ!