Saturday, November 26, 2011

Sad Saturday

After the excitement of Black Friday, today is a bit of a letdown LOL. But that is because I am sick :( I have a cold and low fever. I was supposed to help out with a service project at church, but TJ had to go without me. I am hoping to be able to do a few things around here today like take down Thanksgiving decorations, clean up the kitchen and maybe start on Christmas decorations. It will depend on how I feel :( In the meantime, I thought I would share some pictures from yesterday.

While standing in line at Penneys I learned of a new donut shop in Aggieville that makes a bacon covered maple donut! I had to check that out. They also had a fruity pebble donut :)

I wrapped most of the goodies from yesterday up! Just a few were presents for TJ, but since yesterday was like my Christmas morning I thought it would be fun to unwrap them on Christmas day!!

My awesome new phone

Seasonal candles from Walmart. My house will smell so good!

Memory foam bathmat and a bathsheet from K-mart(the bathsheet was not on sale, but I needed another one)

I hope you are al having a great Saturday! When do you plan to put up your Christmas decorations?


Kim said...

You could go Black Friday shopping, but... (just kidding) I'll probably put mine up December 1st. It's still November, for heaven's sake! :)

Robyn :) said...

Black Friday was yesterday LOL.

I may have to hide the cat tree box from Scout. There is a hole in the side to see the color of it and Scout has been sticking his paw in it to touch the condo!

That corgi :) said...

Phone looks cool, as all the other things! So sorry about being sick, though thankful that it didn't prevent you from going shopping on Black Friday!!

I'm debating on how much decorating I'm doing this our tree to son for his apartment, but I have a small one we could put up. Probably right before Christmas, LOL, I'll get some decorations going!

Hope you feel better soon!