Sunday, November 20, 2011

Spiritual Sunday -- They're Going To Do What?

Today we sang one of my most favorite hymns of all -- The Prayer of Thanksgiving. I wait all year to sing this song in church.

They also had flyers for our Christmas dinner and program. I think they have gotten a bit carried away this year. When I first started going we just had a potluck, maybe some light entertainment and Bishop would read the Christmas story from the Bible(much like on General Hospital and Days of Our Lives when one of the patriarchs would read to the children in the hospital). I much prefereed that. And it was easy to invite people to. Last year they decided to class it up, so to speak. First, we had to wear church dress, which was a pain because it was a Friday and that is when I can wear jeans to work. It is hard to go from wearing jeans to church dress. They used real plates and utensils and had cloth tablecloths on the tabes. I am sure the clean up on that was monumental. It is also hard to invite people to when they have to dress up.

This year, though, I think they have lost their minds. In theory the idea is original and interesting, but I am not sure about the actual execution. It is called "Night in Bethlehem" and we are supposed to dress up in robes and stuff, bring wooden or paper bowls and cups and a blanket to sit on as there will be no tables or chairs (less cleanup, though). We will receive only so many shekels to spend on dinner items. There will be people acting out scenes throughout. We have to know all the words to Silent Night.

Um, where should I start? I like the part about wearing robes and head coverings because I LOVE to dress up, but how do you invite someone to this and then tell them they have to dress that way, too??? Personally, the shekel thing doesn't bother me as I know what I like and don't, but what about families with kids who are picky(or numerous) trying to choose what they want and them making sure they have the shekels for it. That could take FOREVER. And if you have ever been to a Mormon social involving food you know it already takes forever to get food! It is hard for me to sit for a long time on the ground as my legs fall asleep when I sit criss cross and it is difficult for me to sit up any other way on the ground. They probably do not want us laying down. For authenticity there really shoud be couches and cushions and such. Also, older members of the church are going to need a chair at least. The flyer basically excudes them as it says no tables or chairs will be set up.

We are not sure if we are going to go. Thoughts?


Kim said...

Wow. I see your point. Kind of a cool idea, so I say try it. You can always go home early if it's too dumb.

That corgi :) said...

My thought is to keep it simple if the intent is also to invite people. I think it would be overwhelming for a guest to go into this type of a situation where they need to dress, worry about shekels, etc. Just my opinion. I like what they did in the beginning, seemed so simple and doable and a good outreach.

I'd be one to stay home I think.


Robyn :) said...

I sat on the floor with the kiddos today during a 45 minute assembly and my legs fell asleep horribly 3 times and my back started hurting so that pretty much sealed the deal for not going for me!! Unless we can stake out a spot against the wall. I am still concerned about the shekels for food thing.