Friday, November 4, 2011

Success With Scout

Hi Friends!! I sure am blogging a lot this week!! Today I wanted to tell you what happened yesterday. I was spending 5 hours on my mommy's legs and then she picked me up and announced we were going upstairs to meet the new kitty! I was excited, but when we got up there it was super noisy in the apartment across the hall and I did not like it (I don't like those people, either. They are rude to my friend, Merle's, parents.) Then Ms. D opened her door and I felt better. But the noise kept scaring me.

Then they brought Zoey out. OMC, she is the most beautiful kitty I have ever seen!! She is a brownnish tabby and has big beautiful hazel eyes. I think the noise was scaring her, too, because she jumped out of her mommy's arms. Ms. D asked to hold me, but I got scared and accidentally dug my claws into her so she let me down.

I went over and introduced myself to Zoey with a butt sniff. She said hi, too, but then she hissed at me! I decided to give her some space and looked around her apartment instead. I guess she did not like that because she growled and hissed at me!


I know I will eventually win her over. It will have to be from a distance, though, until she stops hissing at me! Her mommies said she will be able to come out on the balcony more once she stops trying to jump off it!! LOL. She is a brave kitty like me. When she is on the balcony and I am outside we can talk to each other :)

Right now I am back on my mommy's legs for another 5 hours.

(Scout is exaggerating the time just a bit)


Fuzzy Tales said...

Wow, Scout, first contact! :-)

Give her time, especially if she has not been socialized with other cats.

Good luck!

That corgi :) said...

Seems like a successful first encounter!!!