Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011!!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!! It has been a crazy day here!

Last night I baked the pies (pumpkin and peach) and made the mashed potatoes. I put the pies on the counter and covered them.

And, as per tradition it seems, Scout walked on them!!

Then, later, he walked on them again!!

I think the cover confuses him because uncovered he does not mess with them.

Next it was time to get Percival(aka Percy the Turkey) ready to cook!

Is there anything more disgusting than gutting a turkey?? Yuck! I did it, though and rubbed him down with butter, seasoned him up, stuffed him and slapped his bum!! Then into the oven he went!!

I opted to baste the bird this year, rather than use the bag. What a pain!! I was then told that opening and closing the oven actually dries the turkey out more so I abruptly stopped and then only basted when I put the sides in.

I made my stuffing with a pre-made mix, then added mushrooms, sausage and apple. I also made my own greenbean casserole with fresh beans and homemade broth/sauce. It was awesome!

The table!!

Sides on the side

It was delicious, but I think that next year we will go out!! LOL

Scout had his own dinner of Fancy Feast Turkey and Giblets and a few olives(he likes to lick them)

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!


That corgi :) said...

Table and food look so very nice! You know this is interesting about the turkey and opening the oven. I heard not to open the oven, then another lady on a cooking channel said she basted her bird every 30 minutes, so of course the oven would be open during that time. I know gutting the bird is never fun!

I'm sure you and TJ had a great time together today!


Kim said...

I agree with Betty. The table looks great! My mom told me that for turkeys, you need to put the butter and seasoning underneath the skin.

Robyn :) said...

Now you tell me, Kim!!! LOL. Makes sense, though. But it made some awesome tasting gravy so it worked out!!