Saturday, November 19, 2011

Thanksgiving Funnies

With the day of the bird fastly approaching I thought I would share some random Thanksgiving stuff with you.

The state bird was almost a turkey, not an eagle. I am glad they changed their minds because turkeys are, well, stupid.

My aunt and uncle started coming out to California every Thanksgiving for several years. (That's not the funny part.) They would fly into LAX on the day before -- the busiest travel day of the year!! (Still not the funny part.) My mom hated driving on freeways, but to get from Whittier to LAX by taking Imperial or Rosecrans would take FOREVER so she had to suck it up ant take the 105. (Almost at the funny part.) Luckily, the 105 had a carpool lane and I was very familiar with carpool lanes as I used them to get to work. Unfortunately, my mom did not like riding in the car when anyone else was driving so she had to be the driver. She felt that she would be fine in the carpool lane. For the most part she was. Except for getting on the freeway. At this time we did not know there was a direct entrance from Studebaker road so we got on the 605 first. (This is the funny part) On the onramp from Imperial Hwy there was a meter (stoplight). Only 2 cars (one in each lane) could go at a time. Neither was Diamond(carpool) lane. As we went up the ramp my mom breezed right through the red light at the meter!! Now, my mom barely drives over the speed limit and would NEVER run a red light so I was quite shocked! I asked her what she was doing. Her response was "we're a carpool, we don't have to stop, right?" LOL!! Um, no, not unless there is a diamond lane!!

My aunt always named the turkey and I have carried on the tradition. Last year we had Bartholemew.

One year I heard on the news that Bill Clinton (who was president at the time) had a cranberry mold at his White House Thanksgiving dinner. I was proud to say that we did, too -- cranberry mold in the shape of a can!! I still make this.

Do you have any random or funny Thanksgiving tidbits to share??


Kim said...

Your mom and my mom both! What is it about them not wanting to take the freeway? LOL!

That corgi :) said...

Too cute with the freeway story! I like her logic! We accidentally went through a place where we should have paid toll on a toll road. When we got the ticket in the mail a few weeks later, I wrote them a letter explaining what happened and we didn't mean to do it. They reduced our fine, LOL.

I like how you name your turkey. Wonder what this year's name will be.

I don't have a funny Thanksgiving story, but will tell you my mom's from years ago. First year of her making a turkey. She didn't realize there were the giblets, etc stuffed in the neck area, didn't take it out. They cooked with the bird. She was wondering what that was afterwards when she was carving it. She learned by the next year and then taught me when she showed me how to cook a turkey.