Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Past

Thought I would share some memories of Thanksgivings through the years.

We always had Thanksgiving at home. My mom and grandma would cook. For a few years my aunt and uncle started coming as well. My aunt would always name the bird!!

The year after my grandma died we changed things up. That year we ordered our dinner from Polly's Pies. My boyfriend at the time joined us. The next 2 years my mom and I would go to Black Angus. She would get a traditional turkey dinner and I would get Prime Rib.

Then I moved to Florida. The first year there my friend, Kate, and I went fishing off the pier. Her parents and daughter had gone on a trip, but she had to work that weekend. After fishing we met up with our friend, Mark, and we all went to my aunt and uncle's for dinner!! They lived next to a lake so we sat out on the patio with my uncle (there was also a table inside -- they had lots of guests) for dinner. Later we met up with more friends and went bowling.

The next year I went with Kate and her family to Busch Gardens in the morning and late that afternoon we went to a friend's house for a soul food Thanksgiving!! The year after that I went with TJ to Busch Gardens and then we went to his family's for dinner.

My first year in Kansas I took a trip up to Illinois to spend Thanksgiving with family up there. The next year we went to California and had dinner at Black Angus!!! This time TJ had the turkey dinner and my mom and I had steak and lobster tail. Except she did not like lobster so I had 2!! After, we went to my cousin's for dessert.

The next year we went to our friend's house for dinner. We were going to do the same the next year, BUT that was when my mom died so I was in California and had dinner with my cousin. Last year was the very first time I ever made Thanksgiving dinner myself and I liked it so much I am doing it again this year!!

What is your most memorable Thanksgiving?


Kim said...

Hmmmm.... I could say the year my uncle learned about turkey bbq'ing and we thought he burned a perfectly good turkey, but in reality, it would be 3rd grade when my parents house was being added on to. We were staying at my grandparents house and we were ALL sick. I think we were all in bed hacking up a lung. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Fuzzy Tales said...

Most of my Thanksgiving memories involve the day in the kitchen, with a lot of clean-up. LOL.

Enjoy your celebration!

That corgi :) said...

I liked reading about your memories of Thanksgivings past. Lots of variety on how you spent it, but I'm sure you enjoyed the majority of the things you did! That is funny because I was on another blog that also named the turkey, too cute!

I'm thinking of my most memorable Thanksgiving......nothing specifically comes to mind. I do remember though how hard my mom would work to get the turkey stuffed and into the oven by a certain time so it would be done by dinner time.

hope you had a great day!