Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Book Review -- Fear Not.

I had a request, from Betty, that my next Christmas book review be of Fear Not because she had not heard of it. Chances are, most people have not because it is rare, however you may actually be very familiar with the story if you have watched the show, Touched By an Angel, because it is adapted from their very first Christmas episode :)

The angels, Monica and Tess, are sent to a small town where a Christmas pageant is going to take place. The organ stops working and Tess is there to fix it. Monica gets involved with the show. They meet Serena and Joey, who are best friends. Serena is a sweet little girl who is playing the angel, but she has a heart condition. Joey is a developmentally challenged young man who is afraid of the dark. The pageant is going to be at night -- problem #1

Joey's brother is running late to pick him up so Monica offers to drive him and Serena home in Tess' awesome car

Joey is afraid to be out in the dark because his parents died in a car crash at night. At his house Monica meets Wayne, Joey's big brother (played by the awesome Randy Travis). he tells Monica he does not know what he would do if serens was not around as she is very patient with Joey. Monica tells Wayne that Serena is going to die soon (problem#2)

One day Serena and Joey are walking home and making snow angels when she starts coughing and passes out. Joey takes her to his home and calls 911

Wayne stays with her and prays to know what to do. Monica whicpers in his ear that her favorite song is Silent Night(in the show Wayne starts singing, which is awesome).

Now, this where the first major discrepency between the book and the show occurs. See, in the show, the forst season, the angel of death was Adam. However, during the course of the series they added Andrew, who became beloved as the angel of death. Since he was more popular, they use Andrew in this book.

Serena does not die just yet, though.

I forgot to mention that Serena has a bear named Mr. Beans, whom she promised could fly in the pageant(she was going to be hoisted up on a pulley thing), but she dropped him and asks Joey to find him.

Well, he can't find him and so he prays to God for help(in the show he destroys the pageant set) and Monica appears as an angel. Joey tells her that Wayne hates him and that once Serena dies he will be alone. Monica talks to Wayne the next day and helps him to understand what Joey is going through and that he is a blessing from God, not a burden. Wayne tries to talk to Joey that evening, but Joey is despondent and is afraid to go in the dark to the pageant. Wayne goes and after he leaves Monica comes and tells Joey that when things seem darkest, that is when you start looking for the stars. She reveals that Mr. Beans is on the porch. Joey hurries out to get him and go back in , but there is a bright light, which is a star and he follows it into town to the church (in the show Randy Travis sings O Little Town of Bethlehem)

Inside the church the pageant is going on. They are reading Luke 2 and when they get to the part where the angel speaks Joey comes in and recites the lines " Fear not. I bring you good tidings of great joy that shall be to all people! Fear not!" he sits with Wayne and tells him he loves him.

Monica asks for mr. Beans and decides to go up on the pulley thing. However, the rope breaks, but instead of falling she flies!!

Mr Benas turns into a dove. In the back of the church Joey sees the angels with Serena (who has died).

I love this book and the episode. My friend, Laura, bought me this book. I highly recommend it and the episode. You can find it on Youtube -- Touched by An Angel Fear Not.

Every time I see it I cry when Monica flies :)

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That corgi :) said...

Thanks for the review, Robyn! I am familiar with the show Touched by An Angel, just didn't realize there was at least one book spin off from it! Does sound like a good story to read and treasure at the holiday time!