Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Book Review -- Santa's Toy Shop

Today's book is one I have had since I was a kid, Walt Disney's Santa's Toy Shop.

It is about Santa being so busy making toys and such that he never has time to try any of the toys out.

Mrs. Claus comes up with the solution to take time at the last house he visits to play with the toys. (He also decorates the tree!!)

I did not think this was a well known book or anything, but about a month ago I was buying this fabric at JoAnns in Topeka..
and the lady cutting it said that it reminded her of the old Disney Christmas book, Santa's Toy Shop!! I was stunned. I also had thought of it when I first saw it.

I like this book mostly because of the pictures. And it is a neat story.

Any requests for the next book?

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That corgi :) said...

I remember this story! I haven't heard of it in a long time but the kids had it and loved it! Thanks for sharing it! Whatever book you pick next will be great!