Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

We have had dinner and are watching the first showing of A Christmas Story marathon on TBS. In awhile we will make hot chocolate and cider and watch a Christmas video from our church and then read from the Bible and then open a present, but first I thought I would share some pictures from today.

Ready to deliver goodies...bohemian style

TJ's Christmas Eve gift (just kidding!! It is hiding what is underneath)

Our beautiful display of cards

What the goodie bags and plates looked like. I did them as we went, not all at once

Waiting for Santa Paws

Is that him? (no, it was daddy)

All the presents(minus the five we took to our friends' last night)

He is ready

The bird fell off my wreath so I added it to my pinterest inspired centerpiece.

Not sure why he is hiding under the table

The Family Buffet is always open for Christmas and Christmas Eve

The memory foam topper. The directions said it would take an hour for it to regain it's proper shape


Scout decided to take a nap so he can stay up to wait for Santa Paws

Our friends dropped off a bucket of goodies :)

Speaking of our friends, we went to their house for dinner last night and had a wonderful time. We were running over an hour late because TJ got stuck on a job (they had to have all the orders filled before closing). But we got there and had a yummy dinner and talked. Then the kids opened our presents and were thrilled with them :) Mr. D got right to work on his Lego Bumblebee Transformer and Miss K was tossing her zebra pillow pet in the air and hugging it. Then we all (minus Mr. D) played Shanghai Rummy. In between hands Miss K and I played Penguin Acrobatics on Ice with the beanie penguin that came with her DVD. I won the game with a mere 60 points! We did not finish until like 1 in the morning. It was such a great night. Then after we got home I did not get to bed until 4am! So I slept in until noon today.

Looking forward to a nice Christmas Day. Merry Christmas to you all!!

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Merry Christmas!