Thursday, December 22, 2011

Cookies Cookies Everywhere!!

The cookie making extravaganza commenced today. Tomorrow I will just be making fudge and putting the plates(and bags) together. I also found my camera (it was buried under some stuff on a chair) so now I have documentation of what I have been doing!!

This was from today...

Peppermint, Kolacky's and butter


Gingerbread, chocolate drop and sugar.

All together in containers

Two of my favorite Christmas movies.. Once Upon a Christmas and its sequel, Twice Upon a Christmas were on while I made all the cookies today and that was awesome.

I decided to frost my butter cookies this evening while The Hub showed a marathon of Happy Days Christmas episodes.

I did some pretty pastels


And blue and random

Do you see the theme???

We also got cards from TJ's family today. His Grandma Ruth sent a card and note and his mom and brothers and sister and nephew sent cards. Not only did TJ and I get a card, they also sent a card just for Scout!!

The check his mom sent also specified that it was to be used for Scout, too, so we went to Target and used the money she sent combined with a gift card I got from my friend, Bonnie, to put towards a memory foam topper for the bed and a stocking for Scout

Scout loved it

Plus it matches his card!!

I will post pictures tomorrow of the goodie plates and fudge and memory foam, but for now I will leave you with a picture from our lightseeing last Sunday..

If you have pets, do you buy them Christmas presents? Do they have a stocking?

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Fuzzy Tales said...

OMC, look at the dozens and dozens and dozens of batches of cookies. I'm drooling. Wish I could sample them. LOL.