Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Great Tire Saga

The title makes this sound more exciting than it actually is LOL.

Anyway, on our way to Topeka almost 2 weeks ago we hit or ran over something on the Interstate that ripped part of the tread off of our tire. Luckily I have a hubby that knows how to replace a tire in an emergency. A state trooper came by when we were almost done and stayed until we were ready to go.

So, we went to Walmart to see about getting a new tire put on, but they said it would be about 4 hours! We asked if someone could just look at it first because there was also some damage in the wheel well. This very nice guy, Pierre, took a look and said we would be fine for the short term, but to eventually get it looked at. He also filled up our donut tire(which was a bit low). We discussed at least buying a tire that day, but then I was musing that we should probably get all 4. Well, Pierre checked them all for us and said they were ok for now and that if we did not want to buy all 4 tires we could buy 2 so they would be even and suggested the new ones go on the front. All he did was suggest, he did not pressure us into anything.

Inside I talked to the lady at the desk and decided to get 2. She looked at what was in stock. I got 2. Pierre brought them in. I asked to speak to a manager AND told him that his staff was incredibly helpful.

Here are the 2 tires riding around with us

Yesterday, I finally got them put on Bertha. TJ made an appointment at Jim Clark in town. We have used them before. I especially liked their service at there Grant St site (a story for another day), but this time we went to the one by the Interstate. The appointment was for 1:30pm. I asked about how long it should take and they said give them an hour to an hour and a half. Ok, no problem. I went up to their comfortable waiting area and watched TV and read a book.

I was so caught up in my book(which I ended up finishing) and watching Everybody Loves Raymond and Friends that I did not realize that over 2 hours had passed!! About 2 1/2 to be exact. I decided to go down and check on my baby. Well, she was up on the lift and no one was near her :( They checked with the mechanic and he said it would be about 20 more minutes. He also said that the other 2 tires I was keeping were getting pretty worn down and I should think about replacing them soon.

Um, okay, sure. I planned to do that ANYWAY, but the guy at Walmart said I was okay and I can see the tires are okay so if this place is thinking I will be making another appointment to get 2 more tires put on (and maybe purchased from them) they can think again! It was nearly 3 hours after I finally got out of there. The next 2 tires will again be purchased at Walmart and quite possibly be put on at the Topeka location because I was so impressed with them! If not, I will try the one here. I will not be going back to Jim Clark unless I can drop the car off and they can take their sweet time without me waiting around. Because I have no complaints about the quality of service or the customer service (because they were very nice), just the gross underestimation of time of service.

What was your best car related service? Worst? Memorable?

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