Saturday, December 31, 2011

How About Another Schedule?

I am off to play in OP today with TJ, but I scheduled this post.

So, you know how much I love making schedules for myself, right??? And I never seem to stick to them? Well, here is another one!!

Starting Tuesday (because I have Monday off)

6 am -- get up and exercise.
6:30 -- shower, get ready, personal scripture study
7ish -- eat nutritious breakfast
7:30ish -- leave for work
8-3:30 -- work
The rest will not have a set time.
1. Brisk walk to mailbox and get mail
2. Pay any bills
3. Clean (see schedule below)
4. Laundry (see below)
5. Make nutritious dinner
6. Short walk after dinner
7. Family scripture study
8. Read before bed.
9. Computer time

Cleaning and Laundry schedule..
Monday -- Dining and livingroom and whites
Tuesday -- kitchen and lights
Wednesday -- bathroom and darks
Thursday -- bedroom and spareroom and linens
Friday -- porch or car

On days I work afterschool program a lot of this will be modified.

Rewards for following this will be an iced chocolate Friday mornings (for the exercise and food portion) and a bubble bath (for the cleaning). For the scripture study and geneology...a craft project on Sunday.

What do you think?


Kim said...

I loved "brisk walk to mail box." Ya walk to the mail box every day, right? What have you been doing that you feel you need a schedule?

Chelsea Elizabeth. said...

These are all great schedules/plans. Your rewards for yourself are perfect too! I also love schedules and lists. :)

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

Robyn :) said...

Kim, it's basically for in the morning. I repeatedly hit snooze and I read that that actually makes you are tired because you are expending energy to fall back asleep them wake up. I also need to start exercising and keeping up with the cleaning. And the mailbox is across the apartment complex :)

Thanks, Chelsea!