Monday, December 26, 2011

Mancat Monday With Merry Scout

Happy Day After Christmas!! I have had a great one. My mommy has been home all week and I have gotten plenty of snuggle time :)

Saturday night I waited patiently while Mommy and Daddy each opened a present

Mommy was trying to get Daddy to take a picture of her, but instead he got this super cool shot of me

Finally it was my turn

Checking it out

Can you tell what it is?

It's an Angry Bird!!

Now I can play like Mommy and Daddy

Oh yes, he's very cool like me

Then I had to go in to supervise the remaking of the bed with the new memory foam. Daddy and I approve

THEN Daddy decided to go to bed and I was going to stay up with Mommy and wait for Santa Paws, but after awhile she put me to bed!!! I was really tired and the bed was warm and the memory foam combined with the comforter felt so nice that I just decided to take a little nap. Well, wouldn't you know Santa Paws came during that time???

I got up a little after midnight and Mommy showed me the kitty bed he brought me, just like I asked for!

I love it

A little while later Mommy went to bed and I soon joined her.

In the morning Mommy and Dady went to church, but after they came home we opened the rest of our presents. I liked watching them

I even helped Daddy open one of his.

I got another Angry Bird!!!

Mommy modeled her new ring from Daddy against me

And I enjoyed my new bed some more!

I also got cat treats in my stocking. I hope you all had a very Merry Cristmas. What did you do? What did you get? Did you see Santa Paws?


Maria said...

OMGoodness, loove your kitty photo's to bits, you sound so happy and content in your home. I have no kids, am 48 and I live for my 2 cats and boyfriend in Miami beach. I have a brother and sister cat and they were found hours from their death on a road somewhere with bulging eyes from infection. They are happy and healthy now and Stevie is now blind but happy and loves to shred toilet rolls.
Kylie my girl cat loves to talk allot and watches TV and play under the sheet.
Your hubby is very handsome, you lucky woman you and your ring is beautiful.
This year we had family from all over the USA join us and we watched my uncle sing in the church choir, which sounded absolutely angelic, I am hooked on angelic choir music now.
I was spoilt rotten as my family travels all over the world. I got aboriginee T-shirt, boomerang and aboriginee art picture, a Tracfone SVC and an owl ceramic salad bowl.
But it's really not about the prezzies for me because on boxing day when I had time to relax I realized how much I loved the fellowship of being with my family and feeling cared for.
Have a wonderful old years eve and a loving and prosperous new year.

Robyn :) said...

Thank you, Maria. It sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas. We used to live in Florida in the Tampa area.