Friday, December 23, 2011

Scout's Present Demolition

Most of the time Scout is very good and we can trust him around the tree. He does not try to climb it and he leaves the ornaments alone, but once in awhile he goes a liitle crazy and starts attacking the presents! He seems to like to target TJ's the most. I was able to capture some of yesterday's present destroying fest on film.

Trying to hide the evidence

What's in this?

"Is this mine????"

"This should be mine"

He shredded this one good

"What is this one?"

(This one is actually his and he pushed it aside!)

"Ooooh.. a bow"

nom nom nom

"Back off, this bow in MINE"

He just loves that bow!

Guarding the presents (and bow)

Time to look for more presents to terrorize

"I think I will just settle down right here"

"yep, this is a comfy spot"

"I'll just guard the rest of these presents, Mom"

As you can see, Scout was having quite a good time with the presents.

Do your pets get into the presents and play with the wrapping and bows? Do they play with the orhaments on the tree? Climb the tree? Drink its water?

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