Friday, December 9, 2011

Skinny Pete

To go with my blue Christmas theme I had planned on using Silver Belle again this year, but I could not find the color wheel. I had planned on getting a small real tree so instead opted to get a slightly bigger one to use.

We decided to go to Lee's Christmas Tree Farm. It is literally across the interstate from our apartment complex.

We went on December 1

The girl explained to us about the farm. They have 3 kinds -- white pine which is super soft, but has weak branches, Austrian pine which has long pointy needles and stronger branches and Scotch pine which has short branches and needles. The trees with yellow ribbons were reserved

The girl said she would follow behind and if we wanted more privacy she could walk further behind. We walked with her and talked to her the whole time :)

The "perfect" tree. It is an Austrian Pine

TJ opted to cut it down himself

Loaded into the truck.

We went to True Value and bought some pretty blue lights for him

I named him Skinny Pete and decorated him

Next year I am getting a white pine. As awesome as this one looks the needles were sharp

Do you have a tree yet? Real or Fake? Size? Color? Lights?

1 comment:

That corgi :) said...

I enjoyed reading about the adventure to get Skinny Pete! Good for TJ chopping it down himself! The tree looks very nice all decorated! The white pine should be interesting for next year.

No tree this year for us, but that's okay :)