Sunday, December 4, 2011

Spiritual Sunday -- Fasting and Talents

Hello. I am here. Sorry I have been MIA this week. I worked late a couple days and have been battling a cold and putting up Christmas stuff. Plus, for some reason, my computer will not let me post my post so I was doing it on my phone, but that stopped working, too. Scout's was sent from school. I am not sure if TJ's will work. You may get this on a Monday!

Anyway, in our church the first Sunday of the month (unless it is General Conference)is Fast Sunday. We fast from Midnight to afternoon/evening. Basically, you skip 2 meals. We have a fast offering with our tithing that goes to help those in need. Normally you give what the cost of the 2 meals would be. We also fast with a purpose, not just to go hungry. We pray for what we want to fast for at the beginning of our fast. For example, I am fasting for a friend that is having some physical problems that the doctors be able to diagnos and treat it and for friends of ours that are having a family problem that it will be resolved for the best. We also have a Fast and Testimony Meeting for our Sacrament Meeting. Instead of talks, members are invited to come up and bear their testimony of Heavenly Father, Jesus, the church or anything else spiritual.

In Gospel Principles today the lesson was on Talents. How we all have talents and that we should use them and develop them and how they can bless others. Aside from my freaky talent of quickly identifying Brady Bunch episodes(which is basically useless, except for entertainment and awe and wonder), I realized that I have a talent for scrapbooking and cooking. I am a fairly good cook and that blesses people who eat my cooking. I never realized how important or purposeful my scrapbooking was until me husband once said that he was glad I do it because it helps him remember things we did(he has a bad memory). The teacher challenged us to dsicover our talents this week so i am going to pray to discover one I may not realize I have.

Speaking of teachers, every other week class members are being asked to give the lesson (like today) instead of the regular teacher. As you may remember, I gave a lesson on Charity last month. I was aksed to do another on the 18th. This time it is Family Responsibility. I don't know why, but I seem to often end up being asked to give talks or lessons on topics involving raising children LOL.

I hope everyone is having a great Sunday.

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That corgi :) said...

Whatever your talents are (I call them spiritual gifts, but same thing I'm thinking) is whatever you are passionate about. Like what gets you excited, out of bed in the morning type of feeling. For me it is working with kids, encouraging others, serving and giving. Others like you have the gift of hospitality with cooking and the scrapbooks. So as you are thinking about your talents/gifts this week do think what you are good at and what you are passionate about doing; those will usually be your gifts/talents! (make sense?)

Hope you feel better soon!