Sunday, December 18, 2011

Spiritual Sunday -- Thoughts on My Lesson

I was asked a few weeks ago to teach another lesson in our Gospel Principles class. the first lesson I taught went okay, but I kind of rushed through it and had some time left(which I filled partly with my testimony). I also felt that I could have done better, so I was nervous again to teach. I was later this time in getting prepared, but I took advantage of the long drive to Topeka yesterday to go over it with TJ. I think that helped a lot.

We did start a little late today, but I was able to fill up the whole time. I was actually rushing at the end to get some stuff in without going over. I felt that I had done better this time, but I still did not think it was all that great. I was quite surprised when quite a few people came up to me after and told me how much they enjoyed the lesson. I felt very proud, though I still feel that there is much needed room for improvement. It does make it easier to be willing to say yes again when asked to teach LOL.

The lesson was on Family Responsibilities and it is in our Gospel Principles manual. It talked about responsibilites of the parents together, individually and the responsibilities of the children. The bottom line, I felt, was that everyone in the family is important and has his or her part.

I also feel that prayer had a ot to do with how well I did. In Sacrament meeting the bishop reminded us to pray for our speakers and them during class the lady that did the opening prayer asked for a blessing on the teacher. I also said my own prayer prior to that. I believe firmly in the power of prayer. I also prayed during the lesson about something specific and the Lord answered and I was able to find the words I needed.

We also had our tithing settlement today and were able to spend a few minutes talking with the Bishop. On the way home I started praying about something I was struggling with and I felt very strongly that the Lord was speaking to me and telling me that I was on the right path and that he loves me and is pleased with the progress I have been making.

I hope you all are enjoying your Sunday. Our friends came over to help us with something and we offered to keep the kiddos awhile so they could finish up shopping. This was a blessing because Mr. D wanted to play Playstation so TJ finally got it out and set it up, which means we can finally watch DVDs on TV again!! LOL Tonight we are going to do some light-seeing before the weather turns bad the next 2 days. I will have some posts on our Christmas activities such as going to Topeka to see lights, baking, craft making and decorations, plus Scout will have a post tomorrow.

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